• Moving Mountains Dutch Mountain Trail - English walking guide

Dutch Mountain Trail - English walking guide

This rough hike of 101 km connects the Seven Summits (hilltops) in Zuid-Limburg and can compete with a serious trail in the real mountains!
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On the occasion of the Dutch Mountain Film Festival and entirely in the tradition of the Jubiläumswege in the Alps, the Dutch Mountain Trail has been set out. While not the longest, it has become the toughest hike in the Netherlands, which may even rival a serious hike in the real mountains. It is a rough hike of 101 km long that connects Seven Summits (hilltops). It runs from Eygelshoven (Kerkrade) station to Maastricht station along a route where the real mountain feeling is never far away. Fast-flowing streams, (alpine) meadows, rock faces and, of course, spectacular views: they will challenge and thrill you during this trail.


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